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As a passionate private tutor, I am committed to offering all-encompassing educational guidance with an emphasis on specific grade levels. I cater to elementary school students, with a particular focus on grades 3-6, aiding in the transition from the foundational kindergarten stage to the inquiry-based stages of grades 3-4, and further into the crucial developmental phase of grades 5-6. By fine-tuning my teaching methods to match the unique educational milestones and needs of each grade, I aim to foster academic success and lay a strong groundwork for lifelong learning. My services extend to middle school, covering grades 7-8, and to high school, where I support students in grades 9-12, ensuring a seamless academic journey through each vital stage of their education.



Dedicated to cultivating a deep affection for literature, my tutoring sessions are designed to help students discover the depth and potency of language. We delve into the art of decoding words, enhancing comprehension skills, and exploring a variety of writing styles, with the overarching goal of igniting a persistent passion for reading and writing. These lessons aim to open up a world of books and literature to the students, sparking their curiosity and love for the written word, as well as fostering their ability to express themselves eloquently through their own writing.


Through our math and science lessons, we strive to bring abstract theories to life, igniting students’ interest and honing their analytical skills. Our teaching approach underscores the practical applications of mathematical and scientific concepts, preparing students to be future innovators by fostering problem-solving capabilities and a spirit of exploration. By translating complex concepts into understandable and relatable topics, we aim to create a learning environment that not only teaches, but also instills a lasting passion for mathematical and scientific inquiry.