About Us


Hi everyone,

Welcome to my page, and let me introduce myself and tell you about my online tutoring services. My name is Sylvanna/Miss. Rivas. I am a former special education teacher. I co-taught in the classroom for five years and pushed out into my special education classroom to work with my special education students on various reading, math, and behavioral skills needed to thrive in school; and help them develop a solid foundation for future learning. However, I did not only work with special education students while in the classroom. I also worked extensively with general education students.  In addition to having worked with special education students. I have also tutored students for over 10 years in math and reading from 1st grade to 12th grade.


How to decide if we are the right fit for your child? Well, within five years of working in the special education field, I was able to work and expand my knowledge of the various disabilities that special needs students struggled with daily in and out of the classroom. Among those disabilities I have worked with are:   autism, developmental delay, emotional disturbance, intellectual disability, multiple disabilities, orthopedic impairment, other health impairments, specific learning disability, and speech impairment. But not only that but by choosing us, your child will be able to develop those critical skills needed to succeed in the classroom within their own learning style. At tutoring solutions, we work with all types of learners, whether visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or multiple modalities. When teaching, we consider the student’s learning style, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses and will introduce activities for different learning styles.

Tutoring Solutions provides services in the following:

  • Supplemental instruction in reading and math
  • Online tutoring
  • Online drop-in (virtual walk-in)
  • Private 1-on-1 online tutoring
  • Elementary standardized test prep (reading and math)


Our Story

Our story began with a deep-rooted passion for education and a firm belief in the transformative power of learning. Understanding the challenges students face in a one-size-fits-all educational system, I embarked on this tutoring journey to offer tailored support that caters to individual learning styles and needs. Over the years, we’ve evolved into a trusted educational partner for many families, aiding countless students to navigate their academic journeys successfully. Each success story fuels our commitment to nurturing intellectual curiosity, boosting confidence, and igniting a love for learning. This dedication to our students’ growth inspires and shapes our story, continually pushing us to innovate and provide the best educational support possible.

Philosophy & Mission

My tutoring philosophy is centered around the belief that each student possesses unique strengths and potential, which can be harnessed through personalized, thoughtful instruction. The mission, therefore, is to empower students to reach their full academic potential, cultivate a love for learning, and develop the critical thinking skills necessary to navigate the world. By providing a supportive and engaging learning environment, both online and in-person, I aim to build student confidence, promote intellectual curiosity, and facilitate mastery of the subject material. Above all, I aim to inspire students to become lifelong learners, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive academically and beyond.

Helping Your Child Explore, Grow, & Learn

Equipping your child with the right skills to explore, grow, and learn is paramount in this dynamic world. As a dedicated tutor, I provide a nurturing environment that facilitates curiosity, encouraging your child to question, discover, and understand the world around them.

Through personalized and engaging learning experiences, I aim to foster their intellectual growth and promote a deeper love for learning. I believe in nurturing academic abilities and essential skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and resilience. My ultimate goal is to empower your child to become a confident, independent learner, ready to seize every educational opportunity and flourish in their unique learning journey.


What We Offer



Ages 3-5

Our program for ages 3-5 focuses on nurturing early learners by providing a rich, stimulating environment that fosters their natural curiosity and love for discovery. The curriculum is carefully designed to lay a solid foundation in key areas like pre-reading, early math, science, and social studies, all while encouraging creativity and social-emotional development. Each lesson has engaging activities and hands-on experiences that make learning fun and meaningful. We aim to set our youngest students on a path of lifelong educational success by instilling a love for learning at this tender age.

Ages 6-8

Our program for ages 6-8 is specifically designed to build upon foundational skills and ignite a deeper passion for learning. The curriculum spans key areas such as reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies and emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving. Our interactive and engaging lessons blend structured activities and independent projects catering to various learning styles. Through personalized attention and support, we aim to enhance academic skills, boost confidence, and foster a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm for learning in every student in this age group.

Ages 9-12

Our program for ages 9-12 is crafted to strengthen academic abilities while fostering independence and critical thinking skills. Our curriculum promotes deeper understanding and application of knowledge by covering core areas like advanced reading and writing, complex mathematics, science, and social studies. We utilize various engaging instructional methods, including interactive lessons, problem-solving activities, and project-based learning. By meeting students at their level and challenging them to reach new heights, we aim to prepare these learners for the transition to more advanced studies, all while cultivating a sustained love for learning.

Events: Coming Soon

We host various events, such as academic workshops, parent-teacher meetups, and student showcases, fostering community engagement and shared learning. These events offer dynamic opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and for parents to participate in their child’s education. Join us as we celebrate, learn, and grow together.


What Our Families are Saying

The feedback we receive from families is a continuous source of inspiration, affirming our commitment to education. Numerous parents express profound gratitude for our tutoring services’ transformative influence during their child’s academic journey. Their commendations of our personalized approach shed light on how we’ve helped foster confidence, enhance academic performance, and kindle a deep-seated love for learning in their children.

Our parents equally value our dedication and flexibility. They underscore the convenience of our scheduling, enabling learning to fit into their busy lives seamlessly. Our persistent commitment to every child’s success resonates with them, giving them assurance and peace of mind regarding their child’s educational growth.

Perhaps the most rewarding feedback we receive is the stories families share about their children’s renewed zeal for exploration and learning. Hearing about the enthusiasm and curiosity we’ve ignited in these young minds is the highest testament to our approach’s effectiveness. It motivates us to continually evolve and make learning an enriching and enjoyable experience for every student.